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Hempel Protective

HEET Dynamic An introduction to the software

234 views December 11, 2023

Quick overview of the features and benefits of HEET Dynamic, Hempel's Engineering Estimation...

Hempel Protective

老人牌防火涂料XTR 100产品介绍

134 views August 29, 2023

老人牌防火涂料XTR 100是一款自重较轻的双组分环氧防火涂料,产品经UL 1709标准认证可提供长达4小时的烃类火防火保护。根据UL 1709标准的测试和认证,老人牌防火涂料XTR...

Hempel Protective

Hempafire XTR 100 Product video.mov

1,047 views June 30, 2022

Designed for use in the oil & gas industry, Hempafire XTR 100 delivers UL 1709-certified...