Hempel Protective

Hempel Protective

How do you lower total VOC emissions without...

60 views July 13, 2022

Understanding what is needed and how paint can comply with a specific green building scheme...

Hempel Protective

Hempafire XTR 100 Product video.mov

654 views June 30, 2022

Designed for use in the oil & gas industry, Hempafire XTR 100 delivers UL 1709-certified...

Hempel Protective

Fire exposure test of Hempafire Pro 315 (Hempel...

480 views December 03, 2021

Watch footage from inside the furnace at our test facility in Barcelona. See how our intumescent...

Hempel Protective

A full overview on Hempaline Linings

1,740 views November 20, 2017

Aimed specifically at the power and oil gas industries, Hempaline Defend epoxy range of linings...

Hempel Protective

AvantGuard® Technology Trailer video

1,845 views February 20, 2015

A summary of the key points from the 15 minute AvantGuard® technology video.

Hempel Protective

AvantGuard® Customer Testimonial Video

2,064 views February 10, 2015

Fast drying , with best-in-class overcoating intervals, our customers around the world feedback...

Hempel Protective

AvantGuard® Technology video - full version

4,315 views February 20, 2015

Our revolutionary technology research behind anti-corrosion coatings, staying true to our...

Hempel Protective

A closer look on Hempaline tank linings

1,559 views August 22, 2017

Trusted in challenging environments, a short animation on Hempaline epoxies that have been...

Hempel Protective

Hempadur Multi-Strength 35840 and 35842

2,112 views August 01, 2017

Fast curing, for a tough finish, the video compares Hempadur Multi-strength against conventional...