Hempel Infrastructure

Exclusive Interview with Nick Frowen on Hempel's HEET...

44 views May 24, 2024

In this exclusive interview, we engage with Nick Frowen, Hempel's Head of Passive Fire Protection...

Hempel Infrastructure

Exclusive Interview with Nick Frowen on Hempel's...

41 views May 24, 2024

Join us for an exclusive interview with Nick Frowen, Hempel's Head of Passive Fire Protection...

Hempel Infrastructure

Fire Safety Event 2024 Highlights

50 views May 24, 2024

Relive the best moments from the Fire Safety Event 2024 at NEC Birmingham, UK! Hempel introduced...

Hempel Energy

Next Level Insulation - Hempatherm IC system - Chinese

87 views April 24, 2024


Hempel Infrastructure

Hempel Coating Solutions for Cargo Handling Equipment

100 views April 23, 2024

Hempel have been supplying coating solutions for cargo handling equipment in coastal areas for...

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Hempel commitment to sustainability

113 views February 23, 2024

Infrastructure focussed animation detailing Hempel's commitment to people, environment and the...

Hempel Protective

HEET Dynamic An introduction to the software

295 views December 11, 2023

Quick overview of the features and benefits of HEET Dynamic, Hempel's Engineering Estimation...

Hempel Protective

老人牌防火涂料XTR 100产品介绍

158 views August 29, 2023

老人牌防火涂料XTR 100是一款自重较轻的双组分环氧防火涂料,产品经UL 1709标准认证可提供长达4小时的烃类火防火保护。根据UL 1709标准的测试和认证,老人牌防火涂料XTR...

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Avantguard - How It Works_Chinese

226 views July 25, 2023

Avantguard® is the first zinc-rich primer to use all three methods of anti-corrosive protection:...

Hempel Protective

Hempafire XTR 100 Application Guidelines

341 views June 28, 2023

Give your company a competitive edge with training in the latest technologies and application...

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Hempel C-PFP solutions

243 views June 13, 2023

In the built environment, building safety is key. That is why Hempel is entrusted to protect...

Hempel Protective

We’re anything but passive

572 views January 12, 2023

Discover how our passion, energy, and expertise delivers value that goes far beyond our Passive...

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Hempablade Edge 风机叶片前缘保护解决方案.mp4

254 views September 15, 2022

Hempablade Edge 171是一款针对风机叶片而推出的前缘保护涂料产品,具有快速固化、无溶剂的特点。