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Hempel Protective

Avantguard & Our Customer Response

38 views August 09, 2017

Fast drying , with best-in-class overcoating intervals, our customers around the world feedback...

Hempel Protective

Avantguard Technology in anti-corrosion coatings

53 views August 09, 2017

Our revolutionary technology research behind anti-corrosion coatings, staying true to our...

Hempel Protective

Avantguard Trailer - Superior Corrosion Protection

30 views August 08, 2017

Redefining durability, protection and productivity, this short trailer video highlights some key...

Hempel Protective

Hempadur Multi-strength 35840 and 35842...

29 views August 01, 2017

Fast curing, for a tough finish, the video compares Hempadur Multi-strength against conventional...

Hempel Protective

HEMPEL Queensferry Crossing Project

400 views May 10, 2017

An upgrade project to the busy Forth Estuary crossing in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hempel was at the...

Hempel Protective

Hempel Protective movie

482 views December 15, 2016

Hempel's corporate movie for the protective business.

Hempel Protective

Fight corrosion under insulation

790 views October 14, 2016

Versiline CUI 56990 shows excellent resistance to heat and corrosion beneath insulation. This...

Hempel Protective

Hempel Augmented

331 views August 22, 2016

Watch this video and see how to use our new mobile application for the fast drying products...

Hempel Protective

AvantguardĀ® salt spray test

244 views July 26, 2016

An animation comparing primers with AvantguardĀ® to non-Avantguard

Hempel Protective

Infrastructure segment video

296 views July 26, 2016

An overview video to introduce Hempel Protective within the infrastructure segment.

Hempel Protective

Productivity & Performance video

248 views July 26, 2016

A video promoting the Productivity Performance concept, aimed at Steel Fabricators. The video...